What does TESOL offer you?

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Benefits of American Culture UK TESOL

• Internationally recognised certificate in TESOL
• Fully accredited certificate
• Qualified and highly experienced instructors
• Ongoing personal tutor support
• Highly respected course provider, with thousands of graduates now working as ESL teachers.
• Extra support from our dedicated Student Coordinator
• Flexible online programme
• Practical teaching component
• Course transcript (so that you can demonstrate the course content to potential employers)
All instructors are qualified teachers of English with extensive experience in teaching English as a second language in a wide variety of settings. Besides, our instructors are also teacher trainers with a depth of knowledge and experience in this field.
Your tutor is here to support you throughout the course, working with you until you achieve your potential. Your tutor is here to answer any questions that you might have about teaching, to give you further help when needed, to provide feedback and guidance on the work that you complete, to help you to reflect on your developing teaching skills and to give useful tips and recommendations.
A dedicated student coordinator will be available to answer your questions about the course, to help you with the registration process before starting the course, and to deal with any other course-related queries throughout the course. This means that as well as having access to your tutor, you also have the student coordinator at your service, whose aim is to ensure that each student receives the highest quality of care and education.


Employers who ask for a TESOL certificate, will not accept certificates that are not accredited or that are given following a course programme that is less than 150 lessons.

What Students Say?

  • Hello. I recently completed my TESOL programme. I would like to thank my teacher, Ekin, for all her hard work and help. I wish her a successful year.
    Vafa AZIZOVA
  • I received very effective and timely support from my instructor during my TESOL training. He was always available and gave me immediate feedback when I needed help. Thank you to him and all the team.
    Altyani Chokeeva
  • Dear Sir/Madam,I was really satisfied with the online TESOL training program. I thank you all. My Regards,
    Ademola Kazeem Oladepo
  • I completed the TESOL certificate. At A1 (excellent) level. I was extremely pleased with the team who helped me to complete this programme. In addition, I think the whole course was very well organised and detailed. The instructors and advisors were extremely knowledgeable and understanding. I did not have any problems and overall, I am very satisfied. Thank you.
    Kayleigh Ann HOCKENSMITH
  • The Tesol certificate is officially recognised, and I am really pleased that your course enabled me to refresh my learning and explore a variety of teaching techniques. I would like to thank my tutor, Ekin Ohran, for her patience and hard work.
    Ekaterina Oruc
  • Hello, My Tesol course involved written work in the first stage and was followed by oral interviews. The modular tasks are very suitable, and the content was high quality. With my Tesol training, I have become more confident in my teaching practice and knowledge. My tutor was interesting and a good communicator. I could reach them at any time by email and my questions were answered quickly. Thank you.
    Mohammed Amine
  • Tesol is a perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to become an English teacher. My previous profession was in international trade, and it was a great opportunity for me to study Tesol and fulfil my childhood dream of becoming a teacher. I can fully recommend the Tesol certificate. The course is well organised, and the system is easy to follow. The tutors and staff are very professional and supportive, they helped me at every stage. My teacher, Ekin Ohran, was very supportive and attentive, I was alerted to errors very quickly and was helped to improve my teaching techniques and knowledge. I have now finished all the stages in the course, and I am waiting for my results and certificate. I can testify that this course is clear to follow and the stages flow so that you learn to teach without realising it.
    Jagoda Monika
  • Hello, I would like to thank you for the service that you have provided to me. The Tesol course was very good and my tutor, Ekin Orhan, was disciplined and very responsive to my needs. I always received a rapid response to the slightest of problems, It is nice that the teachers are so easily accessible. I would also like to thank Nihan Garipcin for being a kind and caring tutor, you should feel proud and happy that you have such a genuine colleague with a great ability to teach Tesol. Thank you for everything especially the positive and helpful support. Kind regards.
    Haia Rantisi